Businessman Anton Khomenok presented a unique project Anton Khomenok released his first musical project.

Businessman Anton Khomenok presented a unique project As CEO of a digital agency “x6 agency” he, as a marketer, decided to use a non-standard way to promote his brand – record a track.

The main goal is to evaluate the response from the audience, acquaintances and clients. Anton is currently exploring various promotion strategies on social networks, where there is a lot of misinformation created by people trying to talk about business when in fact they are just making noise.

The track emphasizes the importance of professionalism and subtly the shortcomings of amateurs are ridiculed.

The performer wants to convey to the listeners his passion for the work, the agency and the team, striving to develop and move forward. This track is just the beginning and we can expect even more interesting projects in the future.

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