Бизнес Киры Пластининой оказался на грани банкротства The company owes a debt of 500 million rubles. Over the last two years OOO “Kira Plastinina style” has received claims for large sums. According to the CEO, bankruptcy is the only option under the circumstances.

      In the past two years, the business daughter of Sergei Plastinina Kira ran into difficulties. Stores brand Kira Plastinina has been stopped in most shopping centers of large cities. The remaining outlets were transferred to the franchising company OOO “Betatorg”. This firm is engaged in delivery of the goods from the official website of the brand to clients from different cities. In fact, brand stuff still can be bought online, but the company is ruined.

      “Bankruptcy is now our only option, we are inundated with claims, all of our accounts are arrested, the total debt – about 500 million rubles,” – said General Director of the company “Kira Plastinina style” Igor Mukhachev.

      According to the CEO, the creditors filed a lawsuit in court. He regretted that the company itself has not declared itself bankrupt because of the difficulties it was known in advance. The total amount of claims for 2015-2016 exceeded 295,5 million rubles. Basically, problems arose with the failure of the outlets of leases. Over a long period of time, the main shareholder of the company, the designer’s father, Sergei Plastinin, who is the founder of the company “Wimm-bill-Dann, has been in business daughter.

      “And so he invested huge money in this business – certainly not less than three billion rubles. Of course, it was time for the company to begin to develop independently,” – said the jade spirit.

      According to some, in company Kira Plastinina was invested not less than five billion. In 2007, 14-year-old heir to the businessman got his own business. Gradually, the brand, the young designer began to produce two lines of clothing: democratic Kira Plastinina sell in shopping centers in major Russian cities and the LUBLU by Kira Plastinina was available on the floors of TSUM or expensive showrooms. Many domestic and foreign stars have chosen the outfits of this brand.

      At the moment the major boutiques removed from sale dresses and suits LUBLU by Kira Plastinina. Why it happened, no reports. OOO Betatorg” responsible for the brand and has no relationship to the company “Kira Plastinina style”.

      “About 4 months in our store there things LUBLU by Kira Plastinina. The purchase of collections made by buyers, so I can’t say why the clothes of this brand no longer comes to us. We now have lucrative contracts with other brands that are on very good terms, work with us,” said the “StarHit” in the famous store Aizel.

      By the way, in 2014 she Kira Plastinina went to study in the United States, where he enrolled on the MBA course at Columbia University. The girl started a completely different life, which was not so much time fasfion business. CEO of her company was the Dutchman, the Jan Heere, who previously headed the Department for international development to Marks & Spencer. However, even with his experience as the firm is not able to get out of debt. 2014 brought a loss of one billion rubles.

      Finally, the company has acquired debt in 2015-2016. In August, the court will issue a decision on bankruptcy “Kira Plastinina style”. It remains to be seen whether fans of the brand to buy things Kira Plastinina in the near future.

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