Похоронили заживо: в поминальный список «Оскара» ошибочно попал живой человек

“Oscar-2017” will be remembered by the audience several embarrassments, which, it seemed, could not happen on such a scale.

You already know about the envelopes mixed up and incorrectly declared the winner in the category “Best film”. That’s not all!. Traditionally, the “Oscar” not only alive, congratulations, but remember departed from us filmmakers, which also had a hand in the creation of a project.

On the 89th of the ceremony among other was Janet Patterson, the costume designer who worked on such films as “Holy smoke”, “Bright star” and “Piano”. But instead of Patterson, on the big screen there was a picture itself is quite lively and alive Ian Chapman, a famous Hollywood producer.

Champan with Patterson were co-workers, and her fame has the same movies! Though organizers of the award not yet commented on the incident, Chapman emotions to hide did not: “I was devastated after seeing his photo in place of my old friend and colleague Janet Patterson“.

Netizens are angry and believe that it is an unforgivable mistake of the organisers who this year brought out the best.