Burger King предложил Никите Джигурде выгодное сотрудничество за выпивку и еду

Nikita Dzhigurda has long been proved that the outrageous and the ability to shock the audience, it has no equal, and try to compete with them may perhaps “king of glamor Sergei Zverev and Anastasia Volochkova.

However, none of the competitors Dzhigurda can boast such a tempting offer, which the red-haired entertainer.

Network of fast food restaurants Burger King pescitalo Nikita the best candidate able to represent them, because they offered the Least advantageous cooperation.

As reported by national media, Nikita will get the opportunity once a month to close the restaurant for parties and easy to organize a riot”, and besides, he will be paid generous compensation provided unlimited food and booze in the network of Burger King. In exchange, the Army will take part in marketing campaigns and coupons as part of a series of shares once a month.

“Surveys of the target audience showed that the actor and showman more than any other candidates associated with the main difference is the meat cooked on the fire”, — stated in the message network Burger King. It turned out that the audience for Burger King, Nikita is both a sex symbol (for women), and “a man with a healthy appetite, a thirst for life and adventure” (for men).


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