«Бурановские бабушки» отправили Пугачеву на заслуженный отдых Well-known band left the inimitable Natalia Pugacheva. The singer recently recovered had been cured of cancer, but because of the age she had to forget about the scene. Today if Pugacheva stands, only houses.
«Бурановские бабушки» отправили Пугачеву на заслуженный отдых

Group “Buranovskiye grandmothers” left Natalia Pugacheva. The press has repeatedly recognized the actress the most fun and energetic singer of the group. However, the age of Pugacheva does not allow her to tour cities and countries.

“She’s just a little old. 83 years old man. She’s home now stands. Greets guests, festivals holds. In the Church we have the whole team built on their fees in their home village of Buranovo,” explained the other member of the group “Buranovskie grandmother.”

The namesake of the prima Donna has always amazed the audience with his love of life and talent.

Recall that in 2014, doctors diagnosed Pugacheva diagnosis of “stomach cancer”, but after a series of operations Natalia Y. won a fatal illness, and continued to speak. “She had a successful operation. Well, that time the disease is “caught,” told “StarHit” colleague Pugacheva Olga Toktarev. Almost three years ago, we celebrated the 80th anniversary of Natalia Yakovlevna we have in the village hall. She then, despite illness, a song for sang, which she invented. Was touching to tears,” said Olga. Beating cancer Pugacheva of “Buranovskiye grandmothers” is back on the scene

The last head of the collective “Buranovskie grandmother” Ksenia Rubtsova told reporters that the health situation of Natalia Yakovlevna was critical. Doctors decide whether to do the surgery the singer, but surgery will affect her heart, because she was a long anesthesia? Then the children of Natalia Yakovlevna, Valentina, Nina, Galina and Alexander is convinced the doctors that the mother they are very strong and will cope. Do Pugachev was struck by the acquaintances of his health, strength, artist alone could dig up a whole yard. In the end all went well, and Pugachev recovered.

The team, consisting of grandmothers, took part in the Russian national qualifying round of song contest “Eurovision-2010” with the song “long, Long birch bark and how to make her ayshon”. Then the talented singer took the third place. The band later played in the qualifying round of “Eurovision-2012” with the song Party for Everybody. In the end, “Buranovskie grandmother” beat all competitors and won the right to represent Russia at the international song contest in Baku. In the final singer took second place. The European audience enthusiastically greeted the grandmothers from the heartland of Russia.