Буланова призналась, что стало главной причиной краха брака с Радимовым
The singer broke relations with the former mother-in-law.

Tatiana Bulanova

Photo: the frame of the program “million dollar Secret”

Tatiana Bulanova last year annulled the marriage with Vladislav Radimov. The reasons for the separation, the singer for a long time is not told. There were rumors that the actress was tired of the cheating spouse, so decided to apply for a divorce. These assumptions proved to be close to the truth. The initiator of the divorce really was Tatiana.

“There has been influenced by several factors. Then the transmission started to go that girl, the blonde. She told me that literally lives with Vlad, claimed that is friends with his mom. I later learned that Vlad’s mother really talked to her, and since then our contacts have gone…” — said Tatiana in the show “the Secret to a million.”

Bulanov says that the main reason was not having an affair Radimov, and the lack of passion and fire in their relationship. Their feelings are gradually transformed into friendship. Now Tatiana and Vladislav continue to live under the same roof and work together to raise her son Nikita.

Interestingly, with Nikolai Tagriny, her first husband, she also kept a great relationship. Moreover, thanks to the efforts Bulanova, Tegrin still communicates not only with her but with Radimov. But many years ago Tatiana left her first husband for the sake of Vladislav. Moreover, the singer had an affair while still being married to Nicholas.