Брызгалова и Крушельницкий после допинг-скандала вернутся на Олимпийские игры
Is there a chance for Russian athletes to return the bronze medal?

Anastasia Bryzgalova and Alexander krushelnitsky


Anastasia Bryzgalova and Alexander krushelnitsky on the eve passed their bronze medals, the IOC and flew from South Korea to Russia. The resounding success of the Russian curlers in double-doubles turned into a monumental scandal. The leadership of the Russian Curling Federation still insists on the version that the positive doping test of the Alexander — “sabotage” by the detractors. In an attempt to discover the culprit was launched investigation into the incident, requested video from surveillance cameras… had the hope that if you manage to find someone who could be involved in the alleged “match”, medal of the Russian athletes will be able to return.

But, as stated by Andrey Sozin (first Vice-President of the Curling Federation of Russia), the chances of getting back bronze medals Anastasia and Alexander equal to zero. But, most likely, will be disqualified krushelnitsky not four years as previously reported, but two. And that means athletes will be able to return to the Olympic games in 2022. There they will go under guard to avoid a repeat of the situation.

“The medal is not returned. There are rules of the game, when there were competitions, a person was a prohibited substance in the body, so during the competition he was. Therefore, the medal is not returned. You’ve got to understand, finish and leave. I wish Russia was held with the flag, and then to understand, to talk, to dialogue with the international Federation to Alexander reduced the period of disqualification. That’s our main task. We don’t get a medal. Just need to start working more seriously at the next Olympic games to be smarter. Next, of course, they will live in the room with the secret services of our own, so no one to slip them couldn’t!” — sozin’s quotes Bfm.ru.