Брянский пивбар пригрозил судом Анне Седоковой из-за её беременности

Pregnant Anna Sedokova has delighted her fans, friends and acquaintances. But not all interesting position of the star caused positive emotions.

For example, the user Bryansk beer restaurant “pub power” was shocked to learn the news. The fact that a few months ago when pregnancy was not yet known to the General public, the restaurant management agreed to address Sedokova in their place and have already made an advance payment.

Now, when all have learned about pregnancy of the stars, the Directors contend, who will come to visit them to look at the singer in the position: “When we talked with her about the performance, they didn’t say a word about the pregnancy, — has told pr-the Manager of the pub Mikhail Mikhailenko. — Most of our clients — men, they were supposed to come to see the spectacular Anna Sedokova. I don’t think they like that on the stage, playing a pregnant woman.”

According to Michael, they turned to the Director Anna asking to break their agreement and return the advance, but such a step by the party did not agree: “We have contacted the representatives of Anne, so they refunded the fee.They said that the money will not return, and Anna will speak with us.”

“About this pregnancy Anna has been known for a long time, everyone has a social network. And its position does not interfere with, the performance will take place as planned”, — commented the Director Sedokova Kirill Pavlov.

Will the owners of the Bryansk pub to sue Anna for fraud, so far unknown.