Bryan singer is considering the possibility of addition of Deadpool to the X-Men

Брайан Сингер рассматривает возможность присоединения Дэдпула к Людям Икс

Director Bryan singer, who is the author of the franchise “X-Men” spoke with reporters on the topic of the possibility of unification of “Deadpool” and “X-Men”.

In an interview with Variety filmmaker noted that if they considered such a scenario, it would do so with extreme caution because of the sentiments that are present in each of the stories.

According to Brian, too funny Deadpool character for serious mutants.

“If you take such a frivolous and a mad hero like Deadpool and embed it in the environment solid and serious x-Men, you must understand how carefully this must be done. In the case that you are wrong to make something up, you get a disaster. This should be done delicately, but still we have a place to roam,” commented singer.

Note that these implementations, and crossovers in recent years not uncommon. For example, in the new spider-Man will we see Iron man, and Peter Parker is debuting in the film the brothers Russo “the First avenger: Confrontation.”

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