Брутальный сын Сенчуковой и Рыбина вызвал восторг в Сети Fans of the star couple when they discovered their heir. Natalia Senchukova published in the microblog picture with leisure 18-year-old Basil. The followers were surprised at how grown young man.

Couple Victoria Rybin and Natalia Senchukova is considered one of the highest in the Russian show business. Artists live in a marriage for 20 years and has a son Basil, who on 12 February will be 19 years. The young man is now studying to be a Director of Mgic. After successful completion of the semester he spends holidays at the seaside. Natalya has published a picture of the heir in the microblog. The frame sealed as Basil sits on the sand and looks into the distance.

“Our son is now resting after a session in warm countries. And we together sit and miss him,” admitted Senchukova.

Fans have delighted grown Basil. They admired its looks. “Wow, is this your son?! At such a young mommy is a grown handsome! With magazine cover photo”, “He’s in Hollywood is not removed? His place there!””Very nice guy, happiness and success to him!””This is the little Bob?””Here is a handsome grown up! Never would have known. Cool to have a son!”wrote a follower.

Natalia admitted that he was surprised by the character of the son she always thought that he is obedient and soft. It struck her suddenly opened leadership qualities. The young man made friends with the band, where he became head.

Victor Rybin and Natalia Senchukova complained about an adult son

Basil is now romantically involved with his wife Daria. Couple together for several years. Despite this, the fish and Senchukova son still lives with them. A young man is preparing to become a Director of theatrical performances. Victor admitted that training is given to son difficult.

“Reluctantly moved on to the second course, doesn’t like to do. Although I did at his age was even worse – a bully, no one listened. Not to give her son advice, and just try to convey my opinion. But you can hard to comment. For example, if you hear that Bob is discussing teachers, to stop. Nowadays, all vapor sat silent in a rag, and young people now arguing with the teachers. I’m not a Killjoy, but this is wrong,” – says the musician.