Bruce Willis will avenge his wife

Брюс Уиллис отомстит за свою жену
62-year-old actor decided to change roles.

Bruce Willis


Bruce Willis decided “to revive old” and starred in
action movie, where the share of the actor, as in his famous “die hard” got a lot
complicated tricks. We are talking about the new film Willis — “death wish”, which was directed by Eli Roth, known for its
a collaboration with Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez.

This time, however, 62-year-old Bruce not only had to run,
shoot and scatter enemies. He
had a chance to play quite a complex character. Chicago surgeon Floor Kearsley,
who was reincarnated Willis, had to endure a terrible tragedy. His favorite
wife and daughter are violently attacked in your own home, the result
wife Sex dies. The police
as it happens, turns out to be impotent in searching for and apprehending criminals. And
then the hero of Willis decides for himself to deal with the perpetrators of the death of his beloved wife.
But performing its noble mission, Paul gradually transformed from a quiet
doctor and family man into a ruthless and unstoppable killer who terrifies

Except for Bruce the film starred Vincent D’onofrio,
Elisabeth Shue and Dean Norris. Viewers will be able to see the new work of Willis this
fall. Incidentally, Bruce in the foreseeable future will return to his most famous role.
Announced that there will be a sixth part of the franchise “die hard”, however,
when exactly will begin shooting, is still unknown. The last time Bruce
to transform into your favorite hero four years ago — in 2013.