Брюс Уиллис и другие звезды на вечеринке у Деми Мур

A few years demi Moore worked on his memoirs entitled “Inside out”, which describes the most explicit recognition of the life of a famous actress. The celebrity staged at a house party on the occasion of the successful launch. The event was attended by the ex-husband of demi Bruce Willis with daughters and other stars.

Брюс Уиллис и другие звезды на вечеринке у Деми Мур

The party could not everyone, but only those to whom the actress was invited personally, it was a narrow circle of the family for her people. This list includes Bruce Willis, he came with his current wife Emma. Joint daughter of Bruce and demi were also present on the occasion.

The very first spouse demi Moore Ashton Kutcher at a party did not appear, although he was on the guest list. It has justified reasons, the 41-year-old actor is very hurt and offended by the stories about his infidelities and lewd behavior in his memoirs.

On party visited and best friend-colleagues a new writer. On their pages in social networks actress wished Moore the best in your new endeavors, as well as the high ratings the book.

The next day, after a house party, demi Moore went to a well-known new York company to sell books. There was a presentation of the memoirs, the woman answered all questions from reporters, held a photo shoot and signed autographs. Dressed celeb rather modestly, she wore a stylish plaid suit, short sleeve and long pants, a wide black belt, and classic leather shoes.

In his memoirs, “Inside out” demi Moore said about the facts in my life that were not known to journalists so far. The book describes in detail two of the marriage of the actress with Bruce Willis and Eton Kutcher. Problems that had happened to her in her youth, as she struggled with different harmful addictions. The most shocking fact was the story about the rape of a star at the age of 15 years.

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