Brothers zapashnye spoke about the success of children

Братья Запашные рассказали об успехах детей
Children of circus artists followed in their footsteps.

Askold and Edgard zapashnye


Edgard Zapashny extremely proud of what he and his brother went to a new level and make the best
a circus show in the world. In December will start immediately 4 premiere, which will take place during the Christmas holidays. Now their circus business has grown so much,
they can afford large expenses, and the ability to do large-scale show. Also Zapashny rejoices changes in family life: he is very proud that he has three months
ago was born the son of Daniel.

By the way, my daughter’s brothers
seriously engaged in gymnastics and are ready to become circus artists. “Girls already serve in many regional
competitions. I’m sure next year they will be involved in performances in the circus, — tells Edgard. — Admitted that
this year will be the premiere of the eldest daughter
brother of Eva Zapashny in the production of “Angels’s”. She is the eldest of the children, so
priority is given to her.”

Also Zapashny said that their brother right
brought: a circus they loved before was in it and started
to speak. He also wants to educate their daughters.