Братья Запашные публично посмеялись над Ольгой Бузовой Representatives of circus dynasty filmed a humorous video, in which they beat one of the resonant statements of TV stars. The other day the presenter said that now is “the era Buzova”. According to Askold and Edgard, they didn’t want to offend Olga.

Recently, TV presenter and singer Olga Buzova announced the launch of an ambitious new IT project and its cryptocurrency. Star is not going to stop it. In the future, Olga plans to open a restaurant in the center of Moscow and the beauty. “We live in an era Buzova. An era of change,” said the celebrity.

Sharing his impressions from the press conference, Olga reported that are full of ambitious plans. “Work, work and work again. She’s not afraid,” wrote the actress on Instagram, adding the hashtag “era Buzova”. After that, the fans of the star have launched a flashmob in social networks. In their opinion, now really is the era of TV stars. The action that is gaining popularity in the Network, could not remain indifferent representative circus dynasty Askold Zapashny. He made short videos in which ridicules statement Buzova.

According to Askold, author of the idea was his brother Edgar, and he worked on the script and editing. The main roles were played by artists of the Bolshoi Moscow circus.

“When all of a sudden know whose era we all live… Disclaimer: “Stunts were performed by professionals, don’t try them at home! Videos made for entertainment purposes only, do not seek to offend anyone, not offend the feelings of believers, not a call to suicide, none of the people and animals were harmed,” wrote Zapashny Instagram post with the hashtag “they are afraid”.

Publication of Askold provoked heated debate on the Network. Fans of Olga condemned his act. In their opinion, the Zapashny decided to draw attention to themselves at the expense of Buzova. The trainer said that wasn’t going to insult the star.

“Apparently, even a harmless joke on your idol insult you personally. To be honest, nothing against Olga personally do not have, I am glad that it found its niche and has so many fans. Mind you, its in the video did not offend anyone, we just showed her an official statement. But alas, when people are not afraid to proclaim himself era, you need to understand that it will cause a lot of “issues”. Era is Genghis Khan, Gagarin, Mendeleev, Napoleon , Mandela, Newton, Lomonosov, Lenin, Pushkin, Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Mozart,” said Askold.

Zapashny said that if you add to those people the name Buzova, it will seem wrong. “You want to remove such a video. But if not, obviously something is wrong and you the place to live in the era of Buzova,” wrote Askold.