Брат звезды «Дома-2» Антона Шоки покончил с собой в тюрьме In the family of the ex-member of the project occurred on the mountain. Half-brother of Anton Ildar was serving a sentence in places of deprivation of liberty. After the second court relative Shocks got 25 years. He can’t cope and committed suicide.
Брат звезды «Дома-2» Антона Шоки покончил с собой в тюрьме

After participating in the project “Dom-2” Anton Shocks went to live in the United States. The young man got a job in hotel management. It would seem that nothing reminded the guy about his unhappy childhood. In Russia, the Anton was a half brother Ildar. Shocks recently learned of the sad news that his cousin had committed suicide. Recently, the Minister was serving a sentence in prison. He was imprisoned a second time, and he was given 25 years.

“Ildar went to jail for theft. Soon, however, came early. However, after a while it was waiting for a second term. I was adopted by American family. Even while in prison, brother worked and helped me financially was sent and 20 and 30 thousand rubles. Remember how he came to meet him. And Ildar organized me a trip to Samara, I was found with my sister and mom. In General, my brother always supported me,” said Anton.

Shocks does not disclose details of what exactly happened with Ildar. According to the ex-member telestroke, the court was dishonest, so the brother got such a large term of imprisonment. “I think he’s on this basis there were problems with the psyche, and he has imposed on himself. I am very sad and think of my brother only with the heat, we were really close,” – says the young man.

One time Anton and Ildar were together at the shelter. Remembers the Shocks, then brother has always protected him from the older guys. Moreover, the combined relative often scolded him as a child for wrong actions.

“Ildar has been my main mentor scolded when seen with a cigarette. I tried Smoking when I was seven and my brother was talking to up to 14 years of bad habit I didn’t even think. Remember, we went together to the camp, and I took him dinner. Brother did not approve this act and scolded him,” recalled Anton in conversation with the magazine “the House-2”.

Some time ago in the network appeared the information that Anton is back on the TV show. In the mobile app TNT the voting in which viewers decide whom to give from the ex-participants of the second chance. About 44 percent of the votes received Shocks.