Брата Марии Максаковой заподозрили в хищениях 10 миллионов долларов The entrepreneur was at the center of the scandal. As it became known to journalists, the investigation finds that Maxim Maksakov staged diluted shares of large enterprises. The Prosecutor General’s office of Kazakhstan to ask Russia to extradite relative of a celebrity.
Брата Марии Максаковой заподозрили в хищениях 10 миллионов долларов

As journalists, the brother of Opera singer Maria Maksakova Maxim was back in the center of the scandal. Businessman suspected in the theft of shares of a local company specializing in receiving, storing and processing of ferrous metals, for the impressive sum of $ 10 million.

According to correspondents, the entrepreneur opened a criminal case on the fact of forgery and theft of documents. Kazakhstan General Prosecutor’s office appealed to Russia with a request for the extradition of Maria Maksakova.

The brother of the Opera star has not commented on the charges given to him. Maxim was born in the first marriage Lyudmila Maksakova with artist Leo Zbarskii. The man was the General Director of company OOO “PR+Sport” engaged in advertising activity. A relative of the singer was tried in a criminal case under article 159 of the criminal code (“Fraud”). According to some, the family of Maxim lives in Italy.

Брата Марии Максаковой заподозрили в хищениях 10 миллионов долларов

In October 2013 Maksakov was suspected of theft from the budget of 13 million rubles. Then it was reported that the damage amounted to about 260 million. The businessman argued that the case against him was fabricated. The journalists wrote that Maria Maksakova allegedly tried to influence the investigation, using contacts in the state Duma. It was alleged that the artist had written to parliamentary inquiries and intervene in the process. Maria later denied the accuracy of this information and demanded to delete the post, which said about her abuse of office.

In 2016, the Maxim Maksakova and his alleged accomplice Vasily Kolodniy was convicted of fraud and a multimillion-dollar Scam. They were sentenced to three years in a General regime colony. However, due to the fact that Kolodny and Maksakova has concluded under house arrest during the investigation, the court considered that they had served the sentence. Men did not try to appeal the verdict.

According to investigators, the management of “PR+Sport” cheated money to pay for the services of journalists for the preparation of articles and placing them in the press. In fact, however, the representatives of the company already issued published materials for the work under the state order.

Two years after the end of the resonance process Maxim Maksakov again attracted the attention of the public. According to Telegram channel Mash, this time the businessman is suspected of fraud with securities of the company “Kazvtorchermet”.