Brother of Kate Middleton, James went on vacation with Donna air is not the rumors of the breakup

Брат Кейт Миддлтон Джеймс отправился на отдых с Донной Эйр не фоне слухов о расставании

For a couple the younger brother of Kate Middleton James and TV presenter Donna air is not the first to leave, because the last time they called the break a “sabbatical” and got back together. Wonderful that the boys take their relationship to creativity, because maybe that was the reason for their new reunion. A couple of recently captured paparazzi on a walk through the streets of Stockholm that does not fit with the rumors about their breakup.

Брат Кейт Миддлтон Джеймс отправился на отдых с Донной Эйр не фоне слухов о расставании

Campaign even James and Donna do not know about their breakup until the news media is full of rumors about this. Celebrity has a great time on a romantic holiday in the company of each other.

“I love Donna. I’m not afraid of marriage, just we don’t. It makes me very happy. I think I’m doing the same. Want children,” said the younger brother of the beautiful Kate in an interview.

Just recently, news media was filled with headlines about the breakup of the most enviable groom of Britain James and TV presenter Donna. It is worth noting that the couple separated for four months, after which successfully converged. “Some time ago they parted. They managed to keep the news a secret, ” said one of the insiders of the foreign news portal Mail Online.

Брат Кейт Миддлтон Джеймс отправился на отдых с Донной Эйр не фоне слухов о расставании

Recall that the first parting Donna was given quite a hard time. She fell into a severe depression, which forced her to undergo treatment. This is not surprising, as younger brother Middleton tied her three years full and intimate relationships. She went to the SPA-clinic in the Alps to purify your body and deal with Sino-spirited. It is worth noting that a week of cleansing the body at this institution is worth more than £ 1,000. But apparently the treatment worked and Donna was able to tell about the difficult period in the life magazine Country and Town House. Occupational therapists who create a miracle with their patients, completely changed the mode of the star.

“How heavy was 2016! Like many, after the breakup, I was desperate, I wanted to get away from everything, from all these headlines to be alone. I needed rest, I needed a recharge. I knew about the good reputation of the clinic, I knew that the doctors it is possible to achieve impressive results. I had a consultation where the doctor had diagnosed me with stress. This was followed by blood tests and sessions of kinesiology, after which I developed a treatment program, procedures and nutrition. Every day I had a vitamin injection that fueled the body from the inside, but compresses of the liver was more pleasant lay, as if in a cocoon, with a hot water bottle. Also I was taught there slowly chewing and go Hiking.” told the TV reporters.

The guys met in the winter of 2013. The fateful meeting was organized by a cousin of Prince William, Princess Eugenie. After that, the pair rarely appeared together on camera lenses paparazzi. They were noticed on match of the Wimbledon at a charity ball Roll Out The Red Bal and at the Serpentine Gallery Summer Party. There are even rumors that the case goes to the wedding.