Brother of Alexey Vorobyov is afraid that the artist will be a second stroke

Брат Алексея Воробьева боится, что у артиста случится второй инсульт A relative of the actor, Director and musician spoke to reporters. Sergey told how his relationship with his brother and mother, and also explained why Alex works a lot.
Брат Алексея Воробьева боится, что у артиста случится второй инсульт

A few days ago in the air “Stars aligned” was attended by brother of Alexey Vorobyov, Sergei. According to the man, the last time he almost does not communicate with relatives. However, it follows the successes of his younger brother.

In his native Tula Vorobyov-senior has his own cover band Jazzophrenia, which plays in any style: jazz, funk, rock, pop. First Alex helped relatives, sent to Sergei the money for higher education, however, gradually began to move away from the family. Many years ago, after the wedding, the young man received from his parents a one-room apartment in Tula. But now the mother of Sergei and Alexei claims that the eldest son took literally force housing.

“Mother said on the program that my mother-in-law decides everything in my family. But I want to say that this is not so. Mother-in-law helped my wife when we were left alone with a small child. Moved to Tula, leaving their three other children, grandchildren. She helped us even financial. My mother apparently lives in the same world, I would have children, she probably wouldn’t trust. But the plus of this program is that I reconnected with my sister Galya. After filming we sat in the hotel, spoke. And now I am waiting for her to visit”, – said Sergey.

Sparrows-the senior is very excited that his brother works so hard. Some time ago they even recorded a track together, but then ceased to cooperate. According to relatives of the artist, Alex was also dissatisfied with the way Sergei communicated with their mother in the broadcast transmission. The relative added that worries about the health of actor, Director and musician.

“I believe that he is now the creative crisis, he sprayed a can drive. Because Alesha has already had one stroke, if the second happens, it will be quite bad. So you just need to make a choice and beat at one point. If he wants to write songs, to sing and to remove the clips for yourself, you have this and do not producing another group without removing the clips for other artists. After all, it is impossible to do. Maybe it is this all diverts itself to not think that it is missing in my life – family, children,” – said Vorobyov-senior.

According to the publication Sergey tried to establish communication with Alex, but he did not.