Брат Барака Обамы поддерживает Дональда Трампа

And you, Brutus brother. As it turned out, the brother of the current President of the United States of America Barack Obama Malik supports in the next presidential election.. Donald trump< /strong>.

Malik long supported the Democrats, however, Hillary Clinton would not vote for several reasons. For example, from-for scandal with email Hillary and “what they did to Muammara kadafi”. The Libyan dictator has long been a close friend Malik, who lives in Kenya, and his murder Democrats to forgive he never will. But the main reason brother Barack will support Republicans is that they do not support same-sex marriage.
Recall that the air show with Jimmy Fallon President Barack Obama has hinted that he supports Hillary Clinton. “Orange is not the new black” — play words the leader of the country, alluding to the fact that the Republican did not go through. Nevertheless, despite the odious Donald and his xenophobic sayings rating for its popularity is steadily growing. Now it is considered the most likely opponent Hillary Clinton.

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