Brother Nikita Dzhigurda has uncovered a terrible secret of his past

Брат Никиты Джигурды раскрыл страшную тайну его прошлого
Sergey Dzhigurda said, who put his famous brother in a psychiatric hospital.

Nikita and Sergey Dzhigurda

Photo: the First channel

One of
the most controversial newsmakers of the last time Nikita Dzhigurda, which
admitted that suffered the minor stroke, became the hero of a challenging new
history. In an exclusive interview to the magazine “Collection Caravan of Stories” brother
the actor and showman Sergey Dzhigurda revealed unique details of the past
Nikita Borisovich. It became known that his childhood was a big problem with
mentality: many years ago Nikita Dzhigurda was sent to a mental hospital.

“Nikita again pressed on the mother, the stepfather tried to stand up,
— said Sergey Dzhigurda. — Brother pushed him away — he as a feather, flew off to
side. I must say, Nikita competently scandal: tried not to scream to
the neighbors called the police. The case took a serious turn. It had
to somehow stop. And then I said to my mother: “one way out. Next time, call a
a team of “loony bin”. Nikita now loves to tell me what was in the mental hospital,
whether trying to Dodge the army, whether for his anti-Soviet activities.
Let this legend be on his conscience. Brother, there passed parents.”

Besides, Sergey Dzhigurda believes that his brother
Nikita should be treated from drug addiction

“I’m sure if it wasn’t the drugs, Anisina brother
be divorced , he says. — He needs help, it is absolutely
exactly. And we all tried to help him, but he rejects our help. In his life
always had a lot of games, but this time Nikita is played.”

Full version of interview read in the new issue of “Collection Karavan Istoriy”.