Брат Меган Маркл написал письмо Елизавете

After the wedding, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry did not have to live in peace, because the family of the wife grandson of Elizabeth II, just in indignation: they say that their cousin to keep the Royal family as a hostage and she is very scared. Personally said Thomas Markle, the father of the newly minted Duchess of Sussex, and then Megan’s brother decided to tell the word…personally, the Queen.

Брат Меган Маркл написал письмо Елизавете

Thomas Markle Jr. wrote a letter to Elizabeth, in which he said: Megan is kept in the Palace as a prisoner. He said that Megan is unhappy and afraid that it will have the same fate as Princess Diana. Thomas also charged the family with bullying… when does it end? Meghan you need to give an answer to the relatives?

About the relationship of the newly minted Duchess of Sussex and her father can shoot a sitcom. Recall the relationship at Megan’s family was not the best: sister Samantha is unflattering speaks to her side, brother Thomas insisted to cancel the wedding, and the father removed in staged photo shoots and always gives candid interviews. Megan has to avoid contact with their relatives, because now she is the Royal person, the rules of which about my personal life not apply. Says a source, Megan can’t trust the father, and therefore does not communicate with him.

The newspaper the Sun recently was able to talk with the father of Megan, Thomas, who, incidentally, is not so opposed. He said that he could not get through to Megan and she with him not talking. Thomas believes that his daughter provided a lot of pressure, so she feels fear. According to a source close to Megan, she just can’t communicate with his father, don’t trust him. “Megan was forced to interrupt communication with his father, and it pains her. She’s sad, she doesn’t trust his father and worried about what he might do. The situation is disappointing Megan. She had no idea that joining the Royal family was forced to suffer her own,” admitted an insider.

Without a father Megan hard and she is very bored, so trying to find ways to build a normal relationship.

But Sharon Osbourne said that the father of Megan’s alcohol addiction. The wife of Ozzy Osbourne and TV presenter in his talk show The Talk on CBS said that Thomas’s evident problems with alcohol, and before require a connection with Megan, he needs to sober up!

“It’s absolutely clear, you have serious problems with alcohol. It is also obvious that in the last few years you weren’t close with his daughter. First sober up, and then come back”, asked Sharon to Thomas from the screen.