Брат Меган Маркл пытается сорвать ее свадьбу с принцем Гарри
Thomas wrote “exposing” an open letter.

Брат Меган Маркл пытается сорвать ее свадьбу с принцем Гарри

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry


Thomas Markle Jr.


Eldest the bride’s brother Prince Harry — a 51-year-old Thomas Markle Jr. wrote an open letter which was published in
publication In Touch Weekly. With this message, addressed to Harry, Thomas decided to overturn his sister’s wedding and the Prince that is to be held
in just two weeks.

Brother Meghan Markle was born in the first marriage of the father of Megan. And, judging by the fact that she didn’t invite Thomas to their wedding, their relationship not be called a heart. And the elder brother began to “expose” sister: “it’s not too late to stop it. Your story is
fake tale of love, and this wedding will put to ridicule you and all your
the Royal family!”

Says Markle, Jr., Megan is absolutely not the kind of woman who need a Prince. He believes that in fact she don’t look like you want to be. As the main argument
against sister Thomas uses the fact that their father lives in Mexico in a very cramped
material conditions. According to the brother of Megan, she could have done for my father at least something. Moreover, Thomas accused his sister that the financial
problems his father began with the payment of old debts that have done once

According to friends of Megan, the true cause of “noble indignation” Markle is not primarily the desire to “save” Harry. Thomas just deadly
offended that the bride Harry didn’t invite him to the wedding. And if he
unlike older sister Megan Samantha
(who wrote about the Prince’s bride not too flattering memoirs), kept
silence, but now it “broke”. Curiously, now Samantha
decided to defend the honor of his sister, in an interview, calling the brother a “liar and
an alcoholic”. By the way, did the bride’s father — Thomas Markle-elder — invitation to the wedding of the daughter is not yet known.