Брата Маши Распутиной чуть не убили в колонии The artist helped the relative to be released. According to Masha Rasputina, Nicholas Ageeva beaten in prison. The man was serving a sentence for the murder of a child, although he then claimed that the baby died in the accident.

On Saturday on NTV channel will show the second episode of “the Secret to a million” with Masha Rasputina. The star told how he experienced a family tragedy. In the words of Rasputina, the real blow for her was the death of the mother. The woman was seriously ill. As Mary confessed, she would have went to great lengths to mom was alive. Her father became disabled after a work injury. “He suffered two heart attacks”, – explained the artist because of their rare meetings.

In the middle of the program, the singer presented to the audience his brother Nicholas, who was sitting in a penal colony for almost 10 years. The man was convicted of murder. In the 90s he lived with a woman and her child. While lady Nicholas was not at home, the baby fell. Returning home, the boy’s mother saw him dead. Ageev claimed that the child slipped in the tub. However, he was found guilty. Masha turned to a high rank with a request to change his sentence.

In the broadcast of Nikolay Ageev has confirmed that it has been very difficult in the colony. Rasputin helped him to be released much faster.

“I was then the head of the zone said, “If you’re not clean, he’s going to kill,” recalls the singer.

Nicholas himself States that he was equated almost to Chikatilo. He confirmed: three times other criminals could send it to the light. In one of these fights he seriously injured his head. “It only worked the heart and blood vessels of the brain did not work”, – said Masha.

The fate of Rasputina was difficult. Despite the fact that Vladimir Ermakov, popular in the 90-ies of the producer, made a girl named Alla Ageeva pop star, in recent years they did not communicate. As he told the singer, he drank a lot lately, so she was relieved when he suddenly died.

“He died in the broadcast of a program. As the dog died. He was not paid some money, about a hundred dollars, and he began to make trouble. Died foaming at the mouth. How meanly he lived, so he died,” said the star in the first issue.