Brother Kevin spacey spoke about the brutal violence in the family

Брат Кевина Спейси рассказал о жестоком насилии в семье After the Hollywood star explained harassment to the adolescent sexual orientation, many have condemned his behavior. Cousin Kevin spacey was quick to take his side. According to the man, the artist had a difficult childhood.
Брат Кевина Спейси рассказал о жестоком насилии в семье

Kevin spacey was in the center of the scandal. After allegations star of the television show “star Trek” by Anthony RAPP in the harassment artist did come out, speaking about their relations with men. All of Hollywood condemned the behavior of Kevin. According to many, the man chose a very bad time for an official statement about his personal life. Series “house of cards” starring spacey, decided to close after the sixth season, and Netflix has expressed “deep concern” about recent events.

Kevin spacey confessed to having links with men

The brother of a celebrity, the 62-year-old Randall Fowler, decided to protect his relative. The man, who works as a limo driver, revealed the shocking details of child movie stars. According to Randall, she and Kevin grew up in an unhealthy atmosphere. Technical writer Thomas Geoffrey Fowler, the head of the family, raped the eldest son and the other heirs – Kevin and Julia is beaten. Wife men, Secretary, Kathleen Ann Knutson, knew about the events but did nothing.

“The situation in the house was horrible, dark and ugly. Father was a Nazi, he joined the American Nazi party and even grew a mustache like Hitler”, – said the brother of Hollywood actor.
Брат Кевина Спейси рассказал о жестоком насилии в семье

According to Randall, he was abused from the age of 12. Over a long period of time Jeffrey had assaulted his own son. Randall was afraid that a man will touch you and Kevin, so threatened him. The brother of Hollywood star told the parent that will tell you about all the others.

Брат Кевина Спейси рассказал о жестоком насилии в семье“He called me into the bedroom – ostensibly to talk about the birds and the bees. And then started to stick. I screamed, began to call to the aid mother. She knocked on the door, but her father ordered her to get out, and me not to scream. Father locked the door, and mother was gone. I’ve never felt so lonely and abandoned. The father began to have sex with me. Thus ended my childhood,” recalls Randall first case of harassment by a close relative.

When sister Kevin spacey turned 18, she ran away from home, unable to endure the tense atmosphere. Future famous actor chose to withdraw into his own world. Over the years, Kevin learned to hide the truth from others. He chose to become an actor, to get rid of emotional pain, says Randall.

“Kevin has almost no friends, but we were very close. He had to survive, he became very cunning and clever. I think he decided to become an actor, to get rid of the emotional pain experienced in childhood. With such parents we didn’t have a chance to turn out normal. I had four marriage ceremony and a lot of relationships – but I was not able to be happy,” said the brother of the star.

After Kevin and Randall moved from his parents ‘ home, they stopped communicating with his father. Meeting with the parent took place only in 1990, when he was dying. The mother of the brothers passed away 13 years later. Kevin spacey was afraid to attract too much public attention to this sad event, therefore, was cremated a woman under an assumed name.