Brother Kevin spacey has revealed the dark side of life brother: “He really was a monster”

Брат Кевина Спейси раскрыл темные стороны жизни брата: «Он на самом деле был монстром»

62-year-old Randall Fowler continues to reveal to the public the dark side of life the famous brother of Kevin spacey. At that time, as Randall shared with people in the limousine, his brother is accused of repeated harassment and even rape, which the police opened a case. Spacey was fired from Netflix, and his character removed from the series “house of cards”. Due to unhealthy situation in the family and the father of the pedophile, Kevin disappeared behind the invented character and became an actor.

Брат Кевина Спейси раскрыл темные стороны жизни брата: «Он на самом деле был монстром»

Brother decided to protect his brother in an interview, explaining the cause of possible harassment. Earlier he said that their father was a Nazi and a pedophile. “Kevin was fond of acting since childhood. He got rid surname Fowler came up with the character Kevin spacey to mask a monster. He helped him escape from his demons. Kevin struggled with his sexuality, always denying he was gay. On stage was pretending to be someone else that gave him strength and changed it,” said Fowler in an interview.

Randall reported that the formation of the identity of the brother left the imprint of childhood trauma. “In childhood we experienced abuse and neglect in the house of horrors… I Have no children because I didn’t want them passed on to the evil part of the essence of our Kevin abusive father. Now, unfortunately, it seems to me that one of us can be a carrier of twisted genes. And that man could be Kevin,” continues brother Kevin.
According to the brother, Kevin liked to play on the screen of the dark side characters, because supposedly in that moment, he could pretend no one and discover its real essence. “His fans like evil characters that he played, but in fact he wasn’t playing – he was real. He was hiding behind his acting career in order to keep their own dirty life. He really was a monster. I have long suspected that he has a dark side. And just hope he gets the help he needs to no longer suffered from it,” said Fowler.

Brother spacey was expecting that soon the world will know the true essence spacey, after all these years he lied about his true “I”, hiding behind the many roles. “In interviews, he has rethought his childhood. Took pieces of my life and pocketed them, depicting a man who grew up a problem child and was saved by the theater,” expressed his opinion in Randall.