Brother kelmi said, how is the treatment of alcoholism relative

Брат Кельми сообщил, как протекает лечение от алкоголизма родственника Eugene Suslin told reporters, how is the relative abroad. Chris kelmi few days was off the phone. It is unknown how the musician will stay in the hospital in Koh Samui.
Брат Кельми сообщил, как протекает лечение от алкоголизма родственника

Brother Chris kelmi Eugene Suslin’s not worried about the brother’s condition in the rehabilitation center of Thailand. The musician takes a serious treatment of alcoholism together with Dana Borisova. A close friend of Kelme Evgeny Osin escaped from a Thai clinic a few weeks ago. Singer of the hit “Crying girl in the machine” has been in the clinic a month – as soon as his visa was finished, he immediately went home. The actor insisted to continue treatment in Moscow. According to Aspen, Thai clinic he was being held tight, the singer flatly refuses to go to a rehabilitation center on Koh Samui.

“He told me that the clinic there is excellent, the staff is also. His speech has improved! How much is Chris gonna be in there, will look at the situation. I’ve tried to persuade him to seriously address their health. Thank God, now it happened finally! He was treated 10 days in Moscow, and the next stage is already Thailand. Over the last few years this is his first serious course of treatment. I am very glad!” – told Suslin.
Брат Кельми сообщил, как протекает лечение от алкоголизма родственника

Relative kelmi said why Chris was sick with alcoholism and what was the cause of the disease.

“He became very problematic over the years, could not understand with their worldview, attitude towards the world. All because this happened. And yet he could not admit his problem, he didn’t have a positive attitude, which a lot of treats! Now he’s changed his attitude and, thank God, it went! I don’t really delve into exactly what there treat Chris. This is a professional field of other people I don’t like to be an expert in things I don’t understand,” said the brother of the singer.

Eugene Suslin also noted in an interview with “Interlocutor” that Chris is not such a strong correlation, like his colleagues in Aspen. So the brother of the musician hopes that in Thailand relative still help.

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“Aspen was generally the last threshold. He was only one step from the abyss! But Chris is a little further from this line! I believe that there he will be restored! There he rests, goes swimming, goes procedure. And the main thing – do not drink alcohol!” stressed Suslin.