Brother fell from the window of Vasily Stepanov told about his rehabilitation

Брат выпавшего из окна Василия Степанова рассказал о его реабилитации

The star of the film “Inhabited island” by Fyodor Bondarchuk, Vasily Stepanov little more than a month ago shocked his fans, friends and colleagues that happened to him a case. Basil fell out of the window of his apartment. No sooner had the actor taken to the hospital for examination and further assistance on how the media immediately reported that the actor intentionally personally was desperate and wanted to end my life. As later told Basil from the window, he was not casual. But relatives of the actor, insisted that the entire fault of the cat, which Stepanov reached out to save.

To understand this history to the end of no one and failed. The only thing that is now absolutely clearly, Basil is undergoing treatment. Brother of actor, Maxim Stepanov, commented on how he fared.

Maxim says that Basil for about a week and is at home recovering, so to speak, at home. “He is under observation and rides to the doctor,” — said Stepanov. – With regard to work, to be ahead is not want. We have the cast removed. With hands lifted, on the leg left. Brother says he wants to continue working in my field. With him all is well.”

Note that this accident was for Basil good reason to declare itself. They say that now the actor was showered with job offers and he was actively considering.

“Better to work than be laid up with injuries,” concludes Vasile.