Brother Eugene Martynov tries to learn the truth about the mysterious death of the singer

Брат Евгения Мартынова пытается узнать правду о загадочной смерти певца Legendary Soviet singer and composer whose songs are still sung Philip and Alexander Serov died in strange circumstances. Nearly thirty years later, the brother of Evgeny Martynov is still trying to learn the truth.
Брат Евгения Мартынова пытается узнать правду о загадочной смерти певца

The author of such songs as “You tell me, cherry”, “the ballad of the mother”, “Apple blossom” Yevgeny Martynov died in mysterious circumstances at the age of 42 years. 3 September 1990 the popular singer and composer, found at the entrance of his house in an unconscious state in a strange position.

The brother of the artist – Yury Martynov still cannot come to terms with the death of Eugene. He tried to reconstruct the events of the last day of Eugene’s life.

“That day he wanted to show the car mechanics to drive then my father in the hospital. Went to the garage. There he was told no problem, bring two of the bubble view. Jack gave them 25 rubles. They went to the store, although the alcohol is still not sold. One of them, I then met, so he told me – drank it all. But what happened after that remains a mystery… I dream all the time, Jack sings all the time, and then I write it down. Dreams Jack returned. And I say to him – let’s figure out how to explain where you were all this time,” says brother Evgeny Martynov.
Брат Евгения Мартынова пытается узнать правду о загадочной смерти певца

Despite the fact that the wall is not only the entrance, but the Elevator was full of blood, no investigation was carried out. The official version of the death Martynov “serdeczna failure.” When he discovered the singer, then the “first” cause not in a hurry, decided that he was just drunk. The doctors arrived only in 40 minutes and it was too late.

A friend and co-author Martynov poet Andrei Dementyev said that the death of the composer was a natural, and the reason so many unexpected care – natural vulnerability. “He’s very close to my heart has taken all,” said Dementyev in the film of the First channel “Yevgeny Martynov. You forgive me, love…”.

Брат Евгения Мартынова пытается узнать правду о загадочной смерти певца

Martynov peak popularity occurred in the 70s. He was a favorite composer and performer, earning huge money and as a singer and as an author receiving royalties. Lev Leshchenko says now that at a time when the average salary was about 120 rubles, Martynov could get in the month of copyright and other royalties to 30 thousand.

“While the average salary was 120 rubles, these guys – Antonov, D., Dobrynin received 30 thousand per month. They just had nowhere to do with money, because more than one apartment you purchase is taboo. Well, Eugene and covered. What has become more popular, the more it became fake friends,” – said Leshchenko.
Брат Евгения Мартынова пытается узнать правду о загадочной смерти певца

Yevgeny Martynov was drinking, but few close to him could call him an alcoholic. According to friends and colleagues, the composer was kind and naïve, easily and many were in debt and couldn’t refuse company and friendship.

Martynov was only once married. He met the girl of his dreams? When he was thirty, and she is only 17. They lived happily for 12 years. Widow Martynov – Evelyn still remembers the last days beside her husband.

“March 19′ 90 we were married 12 years of marriage. And the like is not round date, but Jack came home with a huge bouquet of flowers and said, “And always will be!”. These words I will never forget. And when he was gone, I was only saved by the fact that the son was only 6 years old. It was necessary to live further…” – said Evelina Martinova.

Six years later she married again, and later permanently moved to Spain. Son Martynov Sergey is engaged in business, is going to marry a Spanish girl. But incredibly proud of his father and knows all his songs by heart.