Brother Arthur Smolyaninova about life in the colony: “the food, like in kindergarten”

Брат Артура Смольянинова о жизни в колонии: «Кормят, как в детском саду» Emelyan Nikolaev gave his first interview. A relative of the actor is serving a sentence, as in 2012 he made several armed attacks in a gang of skinheads. The young man is behind bars for five years.
Брат Артура Смольянинова о жизни в колонии: «Кормят, как в детском саду»

In jail the younger brother of the actor is here for five years. In 2012, Emelyan Nikolaev, known under the pseudonym Jan Buttercup, was convicted of several dozen armed attacks, including fatalities, immigrants from Asian countries. 21-year-old guy who’s a leader of a gang of skinheads, was sentenced to 19 years in prison. From SIZO “Matrosskaya Tishina” it soon transferred to the correctional colony in the village of Peremerki Large in the Tver region. Here a man will spend at least another 10 years. However, Yemelyan hopes for an early release.

“At the moment I am not in the chamber, and in the Dorm – share details of Nikolaev in a letter to the editor “StarHit”. – Conditions of detention are quite satisfied with: quality repair, ventilation, variable lighting. The interior is mainly in warm colors, stained wood on the walls – landscapes, floor – patterned tile or smooth flooring, good furniture, working household appliances. The food is passable. In the morning – porridge, lunch – soup, side dish with sausages or a chop for dinner – potatoes or stew. Complete meal tea, compote or kissel. Almost like in kindergarten”.
Брат Артура Смольянинова о жизни в колонии: «Кормят, как в детском саду»

From entertainment the prisoner – watching TV, Board games – chess, checkers, backgammon, and reading books, which he passes famous relative. “I regularly visit the mother – continues to record. Come brothers Arthur and Alexander, sister Xenia”. Behind bars Nikolayev opened a new facet: now all the free time he spends writing books. “My genre is epic fantasy, says the prisoner. – I created a world with a long history, detailed geography, the subtleties of confrontation of forces. Already have work, but they are not intended for the wide circle of readers. I’m training a skill and I expect closer to release to achieve mastery, sufficient to ensure that my writings were able to provide, and to influence the development of the idea of humanity. Now just compose another novel, interesting story”.

Of course, Emelyan looked forward to the coming of that day when he will be finally free. “I think it will be early spring, – said the prisoner. – The smell of rotten leaves, on the cold earth had not yet melted the ice… And I like the North wind out of the dawn shadows.”