Brother Alexander Sheps will become his competitor

Брат Александра Шепса станет его конкурентом A relative of the winner of the fourteenth season can participate in the “Battle of psychics.” This information appeared in one of the online communities. Oleg, like his brother abilities inherited from her mother, who is clairvoyant and a healer.

      Брат Александра Шепса станет его конкурентом

      Many magicians go to “Battle of psychics” with their families. Viewers remember after Vlad Kadoni few seasons on the show came his mother, Elena Golunova. It seems now the popular project will be visited by the relative of another strong party. The brother of the famous psychic Alexander Sheps Oleg plans to come to the next battle.

      In one of the online communities came the news that a relative of the magician is going to try his hand in the next season. In the family of the winner of the fourteenth “the battle of psychics” magical abilities from my mother. However, unlike his older brother, the young man pays more attention to music than magic.

      Брат Александра Шепса станет его конкурентом

      Oleg was born in Samara, but currently lives in Moscow, where ,according to information on his social networks, studying in a prestigious University MGIMO. A young man helps his brother to develop his business associated with the store “Workshop magic”, which recently opened in Samara. Sheps meets girl Olga for several years, and his friends and fans of musical creativity have repeatedly noted that they are very beautiful couple.

      Probably, the future party “the battle of psychics” also deals with the world of the dead. As recognized Oleg, he believes in reincarnation and that there is life after death. However, compared to its older brother, the young man – more romantic nature. “Happiness is where you are. Where you, there and happiness. It surrounds you, it is a natural phenomenon. It is just like air, just like the sky. Happiness should not be sought. It is the very substance from which the universe is made of” – as Oleg describes the secret of happiness.

      Social networks Sheps often shares pictures with his chosen. “Love is a deep urge to be whole, the deep urge to dissolve the “I” and “you” in unity,” says the magician. According to Oleg, the most important thing he took from Alexander – is the ability to view the action ahead.