Brooklyn Beckham will make his debut photography book

Бруклин Бекхэм издаст свою дебютную книгу фотографий

From Brooklyn Beckham will not make a brilliant player, and to compete with sports star David Beckham he’s not willing, but he has the opportunity to Express themselves in a completely different niche – photography. Son of David and Victoria Beckham tried his hand as a model, but more comfortable it feels on the other side of the camera. He already showed his talent by removing two campaigns for the brand Burberry, and now plans to release a new book of photos, what happy said its subscribers in the social network.

“The cover of my book “What I see”. I really hope that it will be of your liking. Can order a copy autographed” wrote Brooklyn under the photo.
The book will be released as an album divided into several chapters. Photos were taken by Brooklyn in everyday life.
“It’s a beautiful and heartfelt images of life seen through the Beckham through the lens. Each Chapter will tell a new story and will comment by the author of the photo,” said the Penguin.
By the way, Brooklyn, being able to buy any optics, prefers to shoot on film in 35 mm and his beloved Leica camera.