Бруклин Бекхэм сделает пожертвования потерпевшим в пожаре

Not a word, and art and money. The eldest son of the famous British couple Victoria and David Beckham, who was a volunteer in the ashes Grenfell tower, decided to continue their good deeds and donate the proceeds days with the debut of the exhibition to the Fund for the victims of the fire on that fateful day K&C Foundation.

The photo exhibition consists of photos included in the photobook of Brooklyn, “What I see” (“What I See”). As it became known, two images have been sold for a round sum, and all these funds have already been transferred to the accounts of the Fund.
“Brooklyn and his brothers were volunteers in the next day after the fire, they came on the scene every day after school to help. Now Brooklyn wants money to help the victims, and found such a good way to do it. He has a very kind heart,” said the insider.