Brooklyn Beckham married Nicola Peltz Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz announced their engagement two years ago .

Brooklyn Beckham married Nicola Peltz But the pandemic prevented the lovers from having a magnificent wedding and they didn't want to mess around. Last weekend in Miami, finally, the ceremony took place, which has already entered the history of fashion. ” alt=”Brooklyn Beckham married Nicola Peltz” />

The son of a football player chose a tuxedo with a white bowtie for the celebration, and his bride appeared in an exclusive dress from Valentino.

Brooklyn Beckham married Nicola Peltz

In total, Nicola changed three outfits during the evening. The wedding cost the lovers, or rather their parents, $4 million, which was immediately criticized by social media users.

In addition, the newlyweds are planning to arrange a holiday in the homeland of Brooklyn – in the UK.

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