Brooklyn Beckham has quarreled with the girl on the face of the younger brothers

Бруклин Бекхэм поссорился с девушкой на глазах младших братьев

Simple shopping with younger brothers in Los Angeles — cruise and Romeo Beckham turned out for Brooklyn and his girlfriend Khans Cross real scandal.

Бруклин Бекхэм поссорился с девушкой на глазах младших братьев

Relationships of Brooklyn and Khans was not always smooth. Possibly, the pair is now suffering from conflicts and misunderstandings, evidence of which were the photographs of the paparazzi, who photographed Tuesday night. Dining and shopping with the younger brothers turned to the stars scandal. Those began to fight in front of Cruz and Romeo.

The cause of the scandal is unknown, but the paparazzi managed to make pictures where Brooklyn looks like crying! Face was tear-stained from both. The scandal has reached the point that to appease a few have taken even the brothers. The photo shows how Romeo keeps Khan and tries to calm her down. As reported by insider portal DailyMail, Brooklyn and Khan had a big fight, and Romeo tried to reconcile them. At one point, came to the aid of even younger brother Cruz, who led Hannah to the side so she calmed down.

That evening, the couple was again seen together. Brooklyn in tears trying of something to talk to Hanna, and later got into a black car. What ended the quarrel is not known.

Recall that after breaking up with Chloe Moretz the son of Victoria and David Beckham couldn’t find a girlfriend, constantly changing partners. But seems now everything has changed, because Brooklyn is Dating Hanoi Cross. But this couple has relationship problems: stars fight over the fact that Brooklyn is addicted to alcohol.

Sources told The Sun that the sweetheart of Brooklyn don’t like his addiction to alcohol and constant whims. Proof of this are the photos that the paparazzi photographed on Sunday. Brooklyn was under alcoholic courage, and his friends sat near, and soothing. It was then that he had a fight with Hannah and decided to drink sorrows in alcohol. Also, insiders say that the son of Victoria and David’s just mentioned in conversation the former Chloe Moretz why Khan started the scandal.

But to be angry with each other couple did not, and today the couple are captured on a date in London! The guys walked through the shops, holding hands, and had a great time.

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