Brooklyn and Victoria Beckham played with koalas

Бруклин и Виктория Бекхэмы поиграли в коал

Fun time for mom and son! It is known that Brooklyn and Victoria Beckham are very close and adore each other’s company. While Chloe Moritz went on business to Los Angeles, her boyfriend spends time in the company of moms.

Бруклин и Виктория Бекхэмы поиграли в коал 

On his page in social network Instagram seventeen-year-old teenager has published a few photos edited with special filters. Mother and son tried on the ears and noses of the koalas, which caused a lot of excitement from subscribers.
Recall that last Thursday, Brooklyn was joined by Victoria during her visit to the exhibition of the Vogue 100, which was held in London gallery National Portrait Gallery. The choice of a companion fell on Brooklyn is not a coincidence – the picture shows 18-year-old, demonstrated at the exhibition Victoria pictured with her husband just at the time when she was pregnant with her first child.

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