Broken smartphone and other scandals of Justin Bieber

Разбитый смартфон и другие скандалы Джастина Бибера

The last time 22-year-old singer because of the emotion and incontinence gets into trouble…

Today it became known that the American Robert Morgan requires a young artist compensation for moral and physical damage in the amount of 100 thousand dollars, because he broke his smartphone. Talk about this case, but also remember other antics of the idol of millions. Of course, not all (too many!), but the most striking.

Bieber broke the fan smartphone

The incident occurred in one of the new York Nightclubs where Justin Bieber came to rest after the concert. But relaxing did not happen. American Robert Morgan learned of the singer and without permission took it to the camera of your smartphone. But there it was! Justin immediately grabbed the man gadget and with all his strength threw it on the floor. Smartphone crashed.

Now Robert Morgan requires the Bieber monetary compensation, because the smartphone was stored with valuable information, important contacts and photos from the centenary of his grandmother.

Bieber put out his cigarette on the hand of the musician

Another bad case of Bieber also happened in a nightclub. During the General merriment, the singer accidentally or jokingly extinguished his cigarette on the hand of 22-year-old rapper Austin Post, known under the name Post Malone. The victim, of course, could not stand and grabbed Justin by the throat. Fortunately, suffocated, and just threatened to continue to be attentive.

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Bieber during the accident victims attacked

In 2014, Justin Bieber in the company of a friend Selena Gomez riding at night in Ontario and decided to show off in front of the girl, made a dangerous maneuver. Preen did not work. The artist broke the rules of the road and crashed into a minivan and ATV. But instead of apologizing, he attacked the victims.

Only in court Justin pleaded guilty and agreed to pay the penalty for careless driving in the amount of $ 600, as well as compensation to other participants of the accident in the amount of $ 80.

Bieber fought with Orlando bloom

Also in 2014, in one of the restaurants Ibiza Justin provoked a conflict actor Orlando bloom. Celebrity sat at different tables, but at one point, Bieber unflattering comments about the wife of Orlando supermodel Miranda Kerr. The actor then attacked the offender, and there was a scuffle.

Bieber pelted a neighbor’s house with eggs

And once Justin crept up to the house of his neighbor Jeffrey Schwartz and showered the area with chicken eggs. The owner of the mansion, seeing the artist went outside. Only it didn’t scare the singer, and he began to throw eggs at the neighbor. He removed all event on a mobile phone and called the police. In the end, the artist was sentenced to two years probation, five days community service and a fine.

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