Сломавшая спину Мария Комиссарова вспомнила день, когда получила травму The athlete is still hard to think about the tragedy. Maria Komissarova has noted ten months after the birth of her son, and this date coincided with the day when her misfortune. However, the young woman still hopes that someday I will be able to walk.

In 2014, Russian Maria Komissarova received a serious injury during training at the Olympics in Sochi. The girl broke her back and then took a long rehabilitation course.

Now Maria lives in Spain. She is happily married and has a son. Recently the boy was ten months old, and the young woman hastened to report it to Instagram.

“Today is a day 15.02. And today, not only ten months Matthew. On this day exactly four years ago I broke my back. Since then, travel in a wheelchair. So fast time flies, I remember this day like yesterday, but do not want to remember. And maybe we should celebrate it as a second birthday? Many said that I was lucky to still be alive or not paralyzed from the neck,” shared Maria.

Now, the young woman regularly visits doctors. She is undergoing rehabilitation, deals with the best specialists. According to Maria, the Outlook is quite encouraging, and it means that in the future it will presumably be able to walk. All the free time Komissarova spends with a young son.

Previously, the athlete admitted that he moved to Europe to have more opportunities. According to the young woman for wheelchair users in Spain. Mary said, thankful for his life, albeit with restrictions.

“But really, it is necessary to rejoice that is. And it is fortunate that I can have children, and that it is now ten months of our baby. But then, in that already distant year 2014, I even could not think, how can turn this life and how many “surprises” to present,” said Komissarov.

Members of the athletes were quick to support her and wished not to give up. They believe that someday a young woman will be able to cope with the problem and to recover. “Mash, certainly hard to forget this day, but you can see the dates have values in our life”, “mashunya, for me your attitude to the black stripes in life – pattern. Admire how well you and Alex build your life, your happiness”, “You are the hero! I remember watching the news after your accident. Life is a gift and we are to love her to love in return. You will succeed and most importantly that you are alive,” wrote Komissarova fans.

Athlete quite often shares moments from his personal life. It tells subscribers about life in Spain, about the nuances of the development son. Fans grateful to Maria for such revelations and are confident that this strong man will certainly find everything you dream about the.