Broke the spine Maria Komissarova worried about the baby’s health

Сломавшая позвоночник Мария Комиссарова переживает за здоровье малыша The athlete reached out to fans for advice. 15 APR Maria Komissarova first became a mother, but because she had a lot of issues with breastfeeding my son. Members happily shared their experiences and assured that it is nothing to worry about.

April 15 is known’, which received a serious spinal injury at the Olympic games in Sochi, for the first time became a mother. 26-year-old athlete gave birth to son Matthew in a clinic in Spain. Now a young mother with her husband Alekseem Chaadayev live in Marbella. After a week and a half, Maria has told fans about how her growing heir. As it turned out, the baby is much heavier. However, the athlete is afraid to enter into the diet of new foods.

“Today was our first trip to the pediatrician (yeah, no one goes), we scored 370 grams per week (160-180 norm), we eat very well. Sleep, walk, it’s not even difficult, PAH-PAH-PAH! And he said, everyone can and should eat, and even citrus. In Spain so all the foods start with orange juice! But I’m still cautious, I’m afraid of those cramps,” wrote Komissarova in a microblog.

Fans of athletes admire how Maria relates to the baby. They are happy for the young mother who was able to overcome all the hardships of pregnancy after trauma. The followers shared their experiences of how fed children. In the end, all came to the conclusion that every child’s body develops individually, and therefore it is necessary to follow the reaction to certain products.

“The hardest part has passed. After the fracture were able to bear. And fought for it. Now, Mary, let us do your new steps,” “I said: “Try, if there is no response – it is possible!” And so I did. Ate everything! Colic has never been, but individually, All of the child depends! The eldest screamed terribly! I had the most severe diet – buckwheat, cheese, tea. With the second everything was eating. It was happiness”, “Ate everything. On the contrary better, the baby receives through the mother’s milk and then any allergies. Of course, if everything is OK” – shared observations of fans Mary.

After a serious injury, which Maria Komissarova received training shortly before the start of the race at the Olympic games, she uses a wheelchair. An athlete fully concentrated on the family – she takes care of newborn baby and don’t forget to devote time to her beloved husband, with whom not long ago got married and were married.