Broke the spine Maria Komissarova suffers from a serious illness son

Сломавшая позвоночник Мария Комиссарова переживает из-за тяжелой болезни сына The athlete told about the health of seven-month-old baby. Heir Maria Komissarova was diagnosed with bronchiolitis. A young woman conceals that she is very worried about the health of the boy.

Maria Komissarova and her husband Alexey Chaadaev became parents seven months ago. Now the family lives in Spain, where the athlete is recovering from a serious spinal injury received at the Olympics in Sochi.

Recently a young woman admitted that she worried about the health of his son Matthew. The baby was diagnosed with a serious illness, and now parents are afraid of possible complications.

“Yesterday the doctor diagnosed bronchiolitis. Appointed every three or four hours to breathe in through the inhaler. Read everything on the Internet write that necessarily need hospitalization and that now may develop asthma” – shared experiences athlete.

The young woman decided to treat his son at home, but now anxious because of various complications. The subscribers hastened to reassure Mary, noting that her baby will be able to easily transfer the disease. “Matthew good health, he’s a tough kid, and will be able to quickly go on the amendment”, “no longer believe written on the Internet. Most importantly, screened regularly”, “I Wish health to you and your wonderful child,” – expressed his opinion the fans Komissarova.

The athlete noted that the son’s disease had a negative impact on her health. Because of the diagnosis, a young woman is unable to sleep and trying to spend every minute next to Matthew.

“Not slept half the night, guarding his rest. Listened to the breath and thought, what are we grief the parents. She is also not feeling too good,” said the young woman.

Recently, Maria often shares details of his own personal life. She talked in detail about pregnancy and childbirth, about her relationship with her husband and even shared a list of weekly purchases made in the supermarket. Subscribers Komissarova grateful for such honesty, because it is always open to them.

Most of the time, the athlete pays a variety of physiotherapy. According to Maria, her health condition is improving, but full recovery is still very far away.

After the athlete got injured during training on the track of ski cross, she has to navigate in a wheelchair. Maria noted that her family lives in Spain is largely due to the excellent conditions created for people with disabilities in Europe.