Сорвалась! Анна Семенович нарушила диету
Singer on vacation tempted by the Burger.

Anna Semenovich

Photo: Instagram

For a year Anna Semenovich eat right, limiting itself to the floury and sweet — and came in perfect shape, which was demonstrated during a holiday in the Maldives. But on vacation, the singer has decided to treat yourself to a juicy hamburger.

“I could not resist and ate “zapresheno”. It was so delicious that I forgot about the diet, — says the singer. — Who is on vacation eats different snacks, let’s do it with pleasure, and let the extra pounds do not stick to us!”

By the way, Mayor, although he opted for a vacation “lazy” Maldives, where tourists most of the time sunbathing on the beach, leads not passive recreation. It deals with a personal trainer, lots of swims and even began to engage in professional diving, which also requires a remarkable physical effort. About your mode of the day, the actress recounts in the social network. Recently the star published in his personal blog a photo, which showed a perfect press.

However, fans still don’t believe you Mr mayor and I suspect that it demonstrated a photo in a bikini processed in photoshop. The fact that Anna had already “caught” for trying to deceive the readers of your blog. Earlier, the singer was “a mistake” for inept use photo editor. This time the retouching on the frame is not visible, but the trust of the fans has already been undermined. “Where are those abs? Again photoshop”, “Anna accept yourself for who you are”, “the Picture is far from reality…” — once again criticize the mayor.