Brody wakes up in the morning without his wife

Константин Крюков просыпается по утрам без жены The actor admires his wife from the TV screen. Alina Alekseeva debuted as the leading morning broadcast. Konstantin Kryukov admits that watching her program in one breath.

      Константин Крюков просыпается по утрам без жены

      Konstantin Kryukov is no stranger to being the center of attention. The famous actor often appears on the big screen in different roles, he walks in secular activities and even hosted the show “Duel” on channel “Russia 2”. But the wife of a star Alina Alekseeva still was in the shade of the elect. 31-year-old girl led a rather modest lifestyle before meeting the actor. She got a job working as a PR Manager in a future husband and not only gradually acquired the status of his wife, but cool and launched his career.

      Alina recently debuted as the leading morning broadcast on channel 360 suburbs. Now Constantine wakes to the sound of the beloved voice that wishes the country a good day from the TV screen. However, by incorporating the program, the hooks can not put it down until the very end. The actor does not hide the pride in his wife.

      “Proud of my favorite! Three hours of live broadcast in one breath! The morning air 360 suburbs” – wrote Konstantin on his page in Instagram. “You’re a big fellow!” – he turned to his wife. “Chic woman”, “Alina presenter!? Congratulations!”, “Beautiful,” commented friends of the actor.

      We will remind, before the wedding Konstantin and Alina met more than five years. The couple got married in may 2013. One wedding is not done – my beloved also got married. A closed ceremony was held at the Sretensky monastery.

      By the way, punctually on the Internet there are rumors about pregnancy Alexeyeva. However, the pair is trying to respond to them safely. In the few conversations with reporters and hooks Alekseeva explained that continuing to operate, grow, and travel together to different countries of the world. Plans to become parents while they save for an indefinite period.

      Anyway, Konstantin and Alina think that one day they will have a lovely baby. Wife love to fantasize on the subject of what would become their heir. Answering the question about who the baby would resemble more, hooks and Alekseeva has noticed that the most important character. “It is important that temperament was like me, – confessed the actor. – To be calm, not screaming. In General, sociophobe and introvert”.

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