Broadway producer will take Emma stone in a movie about a sick sister Kennedy

Бродвейский постановщик снимет Эмму Стоун в фильме о больной сестре Кеннеди

A successful choreographer of Broadway musicals, Sam gold may soon make its debut. Western media write that the winner of the “Tony” is ready to undertake the project entitled “letters from rosemary” (“Letters From Rosemary”).

The plot of the film will be built around the sister of John F. Kennedy rosemary, daughter of Joseph Kennedy and Rose Fitzgerald. From childhood the girl had mental health problems – she had developmental delays.

The family did not want publicity of this fact, therefore, preferred to hide it.

At the age of 23 years, the family decided to make the girl a lobotomy, a procedure which at that time were held around the world a few times.

Despite the expectation of positive effects, as rosemary after the lobotomy only worsened. After the surgery she became completely incapacitated.

The main role in the project is tipped to Emma stone.

Dates of filming and premiere have not been disclosed.