Broadcaster Archie to marry a foreigner

Телеведущий Арчи женится на иностранке The man told friends about the upcoming wedding. Vijay posted a receipt on registration of marriage in the microblog. Followers actively Archie congratulations and ask when will be the ceremony itself. “StarHit” learned the details of the celebration.
Телеведущий Арчи женится на иностранке

Archie is preparing for the wedding. The presenter chose not to reveal to the wider public the details of the upcoming event, so posted in the microblogging, only a receipt for the registration of marriage. Such a check be given to all couples who come to apply. As a geolocation to the image, the man pointed the Griboedov registry office. Users of the social network reacted to the post 37-year-old fiance.

“Congratulations, buddy! Invite me to the wedding!”, “Very unexpected”, “news”, “Arthur, many can write, but in short, happiness, confidence and the pleasure of finding each other! From my heart!” “Well done, that was resolved,” – wrote in comments followers Archie.

“StarHit” got in touch with the presenter and learn more about the upcoming marriage, as well as beloved men.

“We met two years ago at a party in Monaco, where Julia was born. Long time corresponded and communicated. Now Julia was on my fourth or fifth time in Moscow. We realized that we were missing the number of days that she is allowed to stay in Russia under a visa, so decided to get married!” – told Archie “StarHit”.

According to the groom, they will live in three different towns (Monte Carlo-Geneva-Moscow), because everywhere they have the apartment. The presenter claims that they did not have enough days to meet.

“I made the decision that we need to sign and legitimize our relationship, then entry into Russia it will be untimely. Julia will receive a residence permit and citizenship,” said Archie.

The future spouses are planning to organize an original wedding. According to men, they are thinking about the celebration in Venice, styled masquerade. That is why the bride will not to buy a classic wedding dress, although she has offered models of outfits familiar to designers.

It is known that the beloved Archie met his son from his first marriage, Gleb. The presenter recently spent the weekend with heir and beloved.

Телеведущий Арчи женится на иностранке“They are very good friends. He’s a big, he is 12 years old. “Daddy, I want you married,” he tells me. Julia likes him,” shared Vijay.

Beloved men is an operator oil company in Geneva. In Russia she receives his third degree at MGIMO. “We like to learn, Julia speaks four languages. I was attracted by its constant movement, the desire to progress,” said Archie.

Sam broadcaster also continues to evolve: he gets a degree in “directing”. The couple hope to settle all the formalities and get to the best part – planning the holiday festivities.