Broadcaster Archie prepares for court with business partner

Телеведущий Арчи готовится к суду с бизнес-партнером The man intends to return the attributes of the brand from former colleagues. Archie did not expect to catch a person who fully trusted. Ally took advantage of the situation to independently lead the project. However, the broadcaster intends to restore their rights.

      Broadcaster Archie (real name Arthur Flowers. – Approx. “StarHit”) known for his work in various non-profit organizations. TV presenter decided to create the National award “Healthy nation” to promote a healthy lifestyle. This idea he caught fire the year before – began to develop a plan and seek like-minded people. With the support of some ministries, he began to consider in more detail the whole plan of the event and negotiate concert hall in the Kremlin.

      However, in February he had to leave the country for treatment. His colleague took care of all the organization, allowing Archie about anything not to think, and to restore health. However, two weeks later, the man learned that his trusted’t want to take it back to the team.

      “I “pressed” the company. There I listed as founder, but can not do anything. According to the laws made everything correctly, because the right to his signature as Executive Director, I was told before leaving the country,” says Archie “StarHit”.

      Despite all the attempts of Arthur to go with the former ally of the relationship, he avoids conversations. Now Archie consults with lawyers and preparing to take the case to court. He wants to return the right to use the logo. The presenter is aware that he has a lawsuit.

      “By law, I understand that the return will be very-very difficult, as I voluntarily gave the right signature. The new company is registered, but the logo, the story, the idea of the award, program and other development I want to take back, because it’s mine,” admitted Archie.

      Flowers said that his former colleague has decided to organize a charity concert to collect money under the guise of the name of a famous TV presenter. However, Archie is going to stop him. Moreover, the whole team that was recruited initially refused to work with him. According to the presenter, disrupted the event, he lost about three million rubles.

      Archie said that he had met his former companion at the birthday party of a good friend. The man was interested in the idea of TV presenter and promised to help financially, but after those words he was gone for a year. After a while he decided to become a real partner Archie and began to take an active part in the project. The presenter thought that he could cheat.

      “I can’t trust people, they can’t believe. Otherwise I will lose the meaning of life. Just man say: “I am with you.” And that is enough for me,” admitted Archie.

      Most Arthur sorry for the lost time – he had intended to hold the event in mid-may. Despite the conflict, Archie is not going to abandon their ideas. He hoped that the truth is on his side and he can finally implement his plan.

      “I’m not going to give the most expensive – the idea – says the man. – And especially do not allow anyone to cash in on us under the guise of my name.”