Broadcaster Archie grateful adoptive mother

Телеведущий Арчи благодарен приемной матери Star ether reconciled with the idea that he took from an orphanage. The presenter is grateful to parents who raised him, and began to appreciate them even more. Archie also maintains contact with his biological mother.

      Телеведущий Арчи благодарен приемной матери

      The news that the popular TV host Archie (real name Arthur Flowers. – Approx. “StarHit”) is a foster child, he learned in 30 years. Such unexpected news has become for men a real shock. Moreover, his father decided to announce the details of his life’s message is not personally Archie, and through journalists. The truth has been revealed to the TV presenter six years ago. Despite the fact that he found his biological mother, his family, he considers the people who raised him and put on his feet. He is eternally grateful for all the sacrifices that went the woman who raised him.

      “I began to love and appreciate it even more, because she dedicated me life – was a job in a hospital as a nurse to be there when I was sick, I sold all her jewelry and when I needed expensive medicines,” – said TV presenter.

      Despite the fact that he endured such deep shock, now Archie had resigned himself to the idea that he has two moms, and maintains a good relationship with each of the women. He currently deals with his biological mother, Olga Danilovna, – sometimes meets with her often and stay in touch. Moreover, Archie learned that he has a brother who is younger than him by two years. But, unlike him, he was raised in their family of origin.

      “After my birth the doctors told my mother that I should be abandoned – they say, not live, and she is a young girl – even bear and be happy”, – shared Archie.

      Many years had passed after the opening of the mysteries, but now the presenter can tell the story calmly, but admits that is always to treat this painful. In fact, after this news Archie was shaken to the core and for a long time could not recover.

      “After this news I withdrew into myself, turned off all the phones and just went to Odessa. A few days later the channel went on the announcements: “Broadcaster Archie was an orphan! Don’t miss out! The whole truth, only we have!” As soon as I saw the advertisement transmission, then immediately realized that you have to go urgently to my mother in Belarus, she learned about the incident from other people,” says the TV host in an interview to the magazine “have a Rest”.

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