Britney Spris would be the third owner of the Billboard Millennium Award

Бритни Сприс станет третьим обладателем Billboard Millennium Award

Now the name Britney Spears in the secular news flashes not so often as before, however, this does not prevent her to be an artist whose musical achievement will soon be awarded another award.

Pop Princess Spears will be another winner of a special award Billboard Millennium Award, which honors “outstanding achievement in career and influence on the music industry”.

Currently this award can boast only two musicians Beyonce (2011) and Whitney Houston (posthumously in 2012).

Billboard Millennium Award will be awarding Britney at the Billboard Music Awards, which will be held on may 22, 2016 in Las Vegas.

Recall, the contenders in the major categories were announced April 11. in the first place by quantity of nominations was Weeknd: nineteen references in sixteen categories. In second place Justin Bieber (12 mentions in 11 categories), the third was shared by Drake and Fetty Wap (11 mentions in 10 categories). Among women the leaders are Taylor swift and Adele, who received eight nominations.

It is worth saying that receiving the Billboard Millennium Award sobered up for Spears trial, which started against her by her former assistant. The man who worked on the singer for about a year, said that Spears have not paid him for his efforts. In turn, just to pay Britney is not going to. The singer of the hit “Toxic” filed a retaliatory lawsuit against the men, stating that in severe times, he fed her those drugs.

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