Britney Spears will once again be a mother

Бритни Спирс снова станет мамой
The singer is going to give birth to her young boyfriend.

Britney Spears and Sam Asgari

Photo: @britneyspears (Instagram Britney Spears)

35-year-old Britney Spears wants to have his 23-year-old boyfriend
daughter! This was told the online edition of one of the
girlfriends singer.

Novel Britney and her young lover Sam Asgari
developing with breathtaking speed. They started Dating only in
November 2016, but this time they managed not only to become absolutely
inseparable, but already in full swing planning a common future. Yesterday, the British magazine OK! said even that
recently Britney has played a secret wedding with Asgari in Hawaii and what it supposedly
pregnant! However, as it turned out, the message was wrong. Official
the representative of the singer has managed to refute this information.

However, the fact that Britney has not yet become the wife of Sam and is not pregnant, does not mean that it cannot happen in reality, and in the very near future. According to the friend, Britney, singer,
which brings up two boys (11-year-old Sean and 10-year-old Jayden from
her ex-husband Kevin Federline) desperately wants to have from her lover girl.
As for the wedding, then she, according to the informant should take place not before the end of summer this year.

Recall, although I met Britney and Sam last spring
when he starred in her music video “Slumber Party”, their romance began only six months later. The first photo is Britney with Sam, who
10 years ago came to America from Iran, appeared in the microblog singer in
November of last year. And soon the paparazzi caught a sweet couple during the Dating Japanese
the restaurant…