Бритни Спирс не сможет выйти замуж и родить без согласия своего отца

37-year-old Britney Spears continues to be creative: writing songs, dancing, and gives concerts. The whole team is worried about the state of Britney, after all she had gone through not the best times associated with alcohol dependence and mental instability. In 2008, Britney’s father James, took the daughter into care and pulled her from the abyss, and now Britney can’t get married and give birth to a child without the consent of his father.

Бритни Спирс не сможет выйти замуж и родить без согласия своего отца

“Britney will not be able to get married, if James is cool with it. And he is not a supporter of the new marriage of the daughter, because it fears legal problems. Britney wants to have another child, but must obtain the consent of James. She needed freedom, which is natural for a person of her age,” said the insider edition of Us Weekly.

Now the star is Dating Sam Asgari and happy. It is possible that in the near future he wants to propose to his girlfriend. But her ex Kevin Federline greatly influenced the life of the singer. After parting with him at Spears there were significant problems with the law, drugs and alcohol.

Despite the unstable state, the father of Britney gives her freedom and keeps her in action. “Britney is grateful to him for space he gives her,” added the insider.

Earlier media reported about the incident with the popular singer demi Lovato, which found a home in Los Angeles unconscious. The actress was hospitalized with suspected heroin overdose. After this case the creative team Britney Spears are seriously worried singer. Despite the fact that Britney has long been done with illicit drugs and alcohol, the team decided not to provoke the possible disruption and took the “dry” law.

The fact is that before the incident with demi, no one suspected that the old habit will re-take his. Earlier, the singer was treated for cocaine addiction, but, as we see, was not able to overcome addiction permanently. But team Spears will not allow this. According to the publication Page Six, Britney can’t break, because behind the scenes, now not a drop of alcohol. “Team Britney has set strict rules. All this in order to primarily to keep from using very Britney, and second, because among the dancers, Spears is a minor,” — commented the sources.

According to the source, anti-alcohol law came into force in the team of the singer before the tour. Trips and regular concerts and so have a negative impact on the health of the singer, and the presence of alcohol could not altogether destroy it. In all the hotels where the singer stayed with the team during the tour, was seized alcoholic beverages from mini bars. For now, Britney proudly celebrates sixth anniversary with the start of a new, sober life, and very soon will end the period of custody of Britney and her father and she will be able to manage their own budgets.

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