Britney Spears wants to get married

Бритни Спирс собралась замуж

Oops, she does it again! After two failed marriages with Jason Alexander (you can not take into account) and choreographer Kevin Federlayna American singer Britney Spears once again going to the altar. According to the publication, RadarOnline, citing insiders close to the actress, Britney is so in love with Sam Asgari, your new boyfriend that she is ready to propose marriage. A nightmare of her father Jamie in reality.

Sources report that the singer had planned not only offer of marriage which she herself (!) do beloved, but their 23-year-old asghari wedding in Las Vegas at the end of this year.
“Sam and so spending money to Britney, so her engagement ring she will buy herself. The wedding ceremony will be themed with butterflies, and when they will exchange vows, then released the butterflies” — whether dreams, whether telling the truth is an insider. Since he met Spears and Asgari during the filming of the video for her song “Slumber Party” in their first dance they play and their friendship.
A date for the wedding, Spears keeps secret, but we know that the wedding will be great. To not receive invitations are not only relatives and friends of the singer, but also the workers of the Las Vegas residence, where Britney stands for two years.