Бритни Спирс заплатит экс-менеджеру 100 тысяч долларов

Britney Spears has finally got rid of my annoying former Manager Sam Lutfi, which is suing for seven years, and it cost her a hundred thousand dollars. For this price, the American singer became happy never to see this man in my life.

“Now all the issues settled, and Britney will finally be able to return to my old life. She’s ready to leave all the bad behind. Lately this issue has not been bugging her, and now that it’s settled, she’s happy,” — said the insider.
Recall that in 2007 when Britney went awry, the actress entered into an oral agreement with Sam and his team, which became the basis for the lawsuit in 2009. Then he lost the court n filed an appeal, which lasted until now. Britney was so irritated by this judicial harassment, which is literally “hated every minute I had to devote to this cause.” No wonder she just wanted to erase Sam from her life by paying money for it. In other words, he took her down.
The last court session to be held on September 15. On it the judge must announce that after closing the case, Lutfi has no right to get close to Spears and to contact her or her loved ones.